Instock Story

INSTOCK is the brain child of Saba Hafeez. This girl has done her Business Graduation in Finance with more than a decade of experience in working with different Multinationals. She chose the path that many don't, which was to become an entrepreneur. Life evolved over a period of time after getting into motherhood she found it a bit challenging to continue with her job and felt it was not taking it anywhere. She realized they gave you the money to give up on your dreams. After two very tough years, she decided to embrace herself by engaging in the eCommerce Industry so she researched and got to a point of finalizing the industry in which she could gel in. Instock was now born with always nourishing an inherited creativity in her. Initially, she could not find the support she needed but she didn't give up on her dream she continued to pursue it. At first, she was the only one responsible for end to end operations which included sourcing, packing, deliveries, and after-sale services. Over a period of time, the business has grown enough to create employment opportunities. The business owner Saba also intends to bring horizontal integration with the local talent to promote their artwork and bring their creativity into the limelight of the world by inducting masterpieces into their portfolio.

Keeping in view her experience, Saba encourages the young talent to practice their beliefs, especially women to come forward and collaborate on business strategies. She also finds that there are endless opportunities, you need to take that first step as it's better to do something small for yourself rather than do something big for someone else.

Thank you for showing interest and for your time!